Factoring in Pakistan

@The Hindu, 26 October, 2015

Read the article here

  • The joint statement by Mr. Sharif and Mr. Obama indicates a broad continuity in U.S. policy in South Asia.
  • The visit and its stated outcomes undermine an increasingly fashionable strategic theory that an emerging polarisation is giving shape to two axes in South Asia – Pakistan and China on the one side and the U.S. and India on the other.
  • U.S. has global intentions that will not allow it to choose between Pakistan and India, or tilt towards either of them. He went on to clarify that relations with Pakistan and India stand on their individual merits.
  • Pakistan continues to leverage its strategic location at the frontier of Afghanistan and China, and to a lesser extent, India.
  • U.S. cannot afford to, and will not, overlook Pakistan’s significance as a regional strategic player. It will be unwise and ill-advised for India to assume it would be so.

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