The hyphen linking India and China

The hyphen linking India and China

  • Modi and Jinping seem to be criss-crossing the globe in tandem, showcasing their nations’ economic growth, aggressive missions to attract foreign investment and strategic ambition. See their back to back visits to US, Australia, Fiji, UK (forthcoming), Summit with African countries, etc.
  • The 1980s and 1990s were marked by the so-called hyphenation of India and Pakistan by Western powers. In the second decade of the 21st century, however, it is India and China that are seemingly linked by the hyphen. While in the case of the India-Pakistan ‘hyphenation’, India was the one to object to being considered on par with Pakistan; in the case of India and China, it is the Chinese who have not taken kindly to the comparison.
  • This hyphenation (between India and China) took place on the economic side, due to the somewhat similar growth rates and the concept of the rise of Asian economies,” Kanwal Sibal said. “But in strategic terms, the hyphenation exists only in a limited way.”
  • In recent years, India and China have been variously described as “ChinIndia” and the “elephant and the dragon”.

But the difference –

  • China’s is a $10.4 trillion economy while India’s is only around $2 trillion. India’s economic growth for 2015-16 is projected to be 7.4% and China’s 6.8% by the Asian Development Bank.
  • In their USA visits, China signed deals to the tune of $38 billion while India awarded contracts worth $2.5 billion to US companies.
  • In UK visit,  Xi is offering investments worth $28 billion deal to finance nuclear power stations in Britain. Modi will be in UK from 12-14 November seeking investments and technology partnerships for India.
  • “India is viewed as a benign power while China is not,” said a diplomat from a South-East Asian country. “India’s influence is seen as stabilizing rather than unpredictable. It is seen as a responsible power that uses its power wisely; in fact, sometimes seen as a reluctant power,” said the diplomat.

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